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    When the idea of this magazine was born, it was important for us to provide images that will properly represent women in sport; to give them a platform or showroom to present and represent themselves. Since now there have been only few outstanding women in the skate and longboard scene and many female skaters are waiting for the last little push they need to get started. Developing another typical women’s magazine is not our goal. We want a longboard focused mag that stands out from the rest, but in a way that can grab the reader’s attention. At the same time people should understand our main message: Girls skate! No matter what physical differences we have to men, women can be strong and confident in the skate scene and we want to provide a magazine with real role models and real action packed photos and sports images to help inspire whoever may read it. We want the content to push ourselves as skaters and expand our knowledge about the skating world.

    We also want to provide content that is interesting to every skater, regardless of gender, skill level, background, age, etc.

    We want to represent the sport properly with a female and male reach, not letting any specific sex role dictate anything but to showcase that anybody can do anything. We want to change the generic gender roles seen within today’s sports society and give encouragement and motivation that gender doesn’t have to stop anyone from doing anything.
    Skating has brought so many positive developments and moments to our lives. It often brought us to our limits in order to break through them and set our goals even higher. That’s what it is about: to live our stoke and passion for this sport, to travel and to share the fun and experience with others. This is only the beginning. We have put a lot of hard work, effort and passion into the project and invested every spare moment. Without the cohesion of the scene and all the active skaters out there such a project wouldn’t have been possible. We can only achieve our goals together, to expand the network and make it stronger.



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    Psychology & Philantrophy, Tips, Gear & Health, Tricktips, Events, Projects, Skate Playlist, Exkursion to other Boardsports, Events – Anything missing?! Let me know 

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    In 2014 I founded the photo project Girls in Longboarding, because I was so impressed of skating girls that I looked for but only barely found. I decided to meet more girls and women to photograph them with their passion for the longboard sport and create a platform for that to empower the girls scene by creating and showing new role models.


    By the end of my studies I made the decision to bring all my passions together and create a female focused longboard magazine with the role models so many girls and women are looking for.


    to all the helping hands

    This whole magazin full of love wouldnt have been possible without so many people I’d like to thank from my heart. My spacial thanks go to this ladies I shard the idea with from the very first moment, that helped to developed the idea, Anna- Selina Kager, Giulia Alfeo, Katrin Stippich, Rachel Bruskoff and Xenia Iwanowa! Huge thanks to you Rachel, you put so many hours in it to support it, Giulia and Xenia, thanks for being there for me and pushing me so much! Katrin, thank you so much for so many power, work and hours you put in the mag and me! Thanks! <3 I also want to thank all the people the helped to realize the idea and filling the magazine! Amie Sheppard, Ana Maria Suzano, Anastasia Kuzina, Andy Schmidt, Anna Zika, Ashley Ward, Bianca Kersten, Christine Maier, Dinara Nenortaite, Dirk Fütterer, Doyoung Gwon, Eileen Merkler, Elisabeth Moch, Emily Jade Sperry, Erkin Karamemet, Fee Bücheler, Francis Cooper Darquea Mauro, Hannah Grüneberg, Heiko Schöller, Hyojoo Ko, Jan Szulc, Kate Voynova, Lennart Thomsen (TD Longboards), Liesa Seifert, Maga McWhinne, Maleen Haug und Gabi Reich, Michael Brooke, Michael English, Michael Häring, Nadine Hensinger, Paloma Acha, Patrick Switzer, Rebekka Gemperle, Reinhold Uhrner, Reinhold Urner, Rüdiger Schirmer, Sepp Spiegel, Solbee Heo, Sonja Mense, Sophie Friedel, Sylvia Arndt, Timm Becker, Tommy Watson & Valeria Kechichian. Also a huge thanks to all photographer! Ann Trufanova, Ben Westover, Boris Dufour, Carlos Gomez, Christian Barnard, Daniel Huante, Danny Strasser, Dohee Jang, Fifer Figueroa, Iris Shelva, Michael English, Petra Moser, Polina Nasedkina, Robert McWhinnie, Teresa Geer, Tim Klasener & Tom Bause. Thanks to Tim Louis Schrumpf and Xenia for realizing the tricktip video with me!

    Special thanks also to Mathieu Aboudaram!


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    LEBEN! – einsPlus, ARD

    Interview from March 2015 about the idea of the magazine

    Shove-It – S*pin TrickTip with Xenia

    film and edit by Tim Louis Schrumpf

    Final Presentation of the magazine in the Master of Graphic and Communication design

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    Article of the University of Applied Science

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